Life Imitates Art

Welcome to Hyperion Woodworking.

I have been installing custom railing and staircase packages in Saskatoon and area since 2007. My goal has always been to deliver custom work for my clients that is as eye catching as it is functional.

The beauty is all in the details.

My promise is to bring an artistic perspective into your home. With skills ranging from photography, music, and stone carving, I am accustomed to exercises that require an exceptional level of focus and accuracy. With this artistic nature, there is a great deal of pride that is reflected into my work.

To ensure customer satisfaction, I will work with you directly from first meeting to final sand. This helps maintain transparency and makes certain there will be no ‘surprises’ on your project.

Whether you are in the market for stairs, railing, faux beams or any other custom project, Hyperion has you covered.

I look forward to bringing your next project to life.

Logan Lesmeister
Owner & Operator
Hyperion Woodworking Ltd.

A Sustainable Approach

Over the years it has become clear to me that my life wouldn’t be the same without our incredible forests. Not only do they provide me with materials for my livelihood, but a place to escape to as well. From a weekend camping trip, to installing a maple staircase on Monday, there’s always one thing in common. TREES. It only made sense that it was time to give back.

Enter Hyperion.

As a partner of Tree Canada, I have pledged to plant trees through their National Greening program. To achieve this, Hyperion will donate 4% of product sales, with a minimum of 10 trees planted per project! By selecting Canada’s only tree planting charity, I know the trees are being planted close to home, and the money is staying in our economy.

By choosing Hyperion for your project, you are not only receiving the highest quality product, you are helping insure the future of our forests. Now, that’s something we can all feel good about.


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